Back Pain

Back Pain is a health problem affecting many people and the main cause of disability globally. It affects people daily activities because it affects mobility. It can make you uncomfortable and when not treated on time, it can lead to serious health condition like disability. The common types include middle, lower and upper backpain. The common forms of back pain include chronic and acute back pain. The one that normally takes few weeksto heal is the acute, but the chronic back pain takes more months to heal. Back pain can be as a result of many factors but the most common are arthritis, osteoporosis, muscle strain, ruptured disks and skeleton irregularities.

Back pain affects people across all the ages and some of the risk factors that can lead to its development are diseases like arthritis, smoking, age, excess eight, psychological conditions like anxiety and depression and lifting heavy things. Back pain is treated based on the type you have.


When you are dealing with pain management, you need your medical center tThis include the use of antidepressants like amitriptyline to reduce pain, injections, narcotics, muscles relaxant, over the counter pain relievers and tropical pain relievers.


The center prSurgery treatment is always recommended but on few occasions. People who have unbearable pain that causes muscle weakness as a result of nerve compression can benefit from surgery.

Physical Therapy

This is another form of treatment where the professional use different treatment such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound muscle release techniques to help reduce pain.

This treatment also involves incorporating exercises that can help improve posture, flexibility and strengthens the abnormal muscles hence preventing the return of pain during recovery process.

Though back pain is treatable but there are some tips you can use to prevent it. Tips such as currying less weight, exercising more often, improving sitting posture can help prevent back pain especially among the old. Pain killers can also be used to release back pain symptoms.

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