A list of mental/emotional disorders

IMental/emotional disorders, or sometimes called mental illness, make the sufferer’s life miserable and affect his day-to-day activities to a greater extent. These disorders impact one’s mood, behavior, thinking, and actions. The symptoms of mental/emotional disorders vary and considerably depend on the nature of the ailment and the prevailing circumstances. However, the common signs indicating mental …

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Illness is a condition where an individual experiences pain because body organs are not working properly. Some of the common illnesses include: Allergies These are immune response that is triggered by allergens when the body sense a threat of a new substance. Some of the common allergens are pollens, latex, mold pet and food. Sneezing, …

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Muscles and Joint Pain

Many people experience muscle and joint pain in one point in life. Joints connects the bones in the body and supports the movement. When the joints are damaged as a result of any disease or prior injury, your movement can be limited, and you might also experience muscle and joint pain. Many conditions can cause …

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Detox Treatment

Detox treatment is the method used to eliminate unwanted toxic substances from the patient body who have been using substance abuse. It is also known as detoxification. Detox treatment is used in people with addiction to alcohol and drugs. The treatment is used to help patients achieve physical dependency by managing cravings and symptoms withdrawal. …

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