Muscles and Joint Pain

Many people experience muscle and joint pain in one point in life. Joints connects the bones in the body and supports the movement. When the joints are damaged as a result of any disease or prior injury, your movement can be limited, and you might also experience muscle and joint pain. Many conditions can cause muscles and joint pains ranging from mild to severe causes. 

Joint pain is less prevalence as compared to muscle pain in many people. This is because muscles are made of soft tissues that are prone to injury. The normal muscle pain can be as a result of injuries, tension, overuse and stress and the pain concentrate more on one part of the body. Systemic muscle pain always occurs as a result sickness, reaction to medication and infection and the pain is experienced all over the body. For effective treatment, you need to identify the type of muscle pain you are experiencing.

The normal muscle pain can be caused by sprain, muscle cramp and muscle pull. Systemic muscle pain can be caused by lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and rheumatoid. The primary cause of joint pain is arthritis but other things like repetitive movement, gout, broken bones can also cause the pain. Muscle and joint pains can be treated effectively when the main cause is known.

Some of the medication that can be used to treat muscle and joint paint include anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen that helps relieve pain.  Exercises that involve stretching the muscles can be used to strengthen them and reduce pain. Anesthetic injection around the affected area can also help reduce the inflammation and relieve pain. Other treatments that can be used include therapeutic massage, relaxation and physical therapy.

Muscle and joint pain can be very frustrating a can limit movement, therefore it is important to seek early treatment when you identify the symptoms.

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