Our Medical staff is led by doctor Robert Z. Goldstein. Dr. Goldstein specializes in pain management and detox. Our staff takes pride in making sure that your care is a top priority.

Our Dr. has been the director for several years and enjoys helping people and changing lives for the better.

He has an impressive resume and is a graduate from Harvard University. He has presented in several lectures around the country and been interviewed on radio and television for his expert advise. He has been practicing medicine for over 40 years.

In addition, he is an Expert Witness evaluating claimant’s history for the Social Security Administration, disability division. His responsibilities include case analysis and court room testimony. Analysis of patient charts for potential deviation from accepted medical practice. Responsibility includes charting the chronology and determining the medical care provided. He provides a detailed report evaluating whether or not to proceed with a potential malpractice suit. Furthermore, his responsibilities include coordinating case reports with out of state physicians.